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Best Night Vision Apps in 10 Types for Android and iOS

Having a smart-phone, whether it is Android or iOS must be enjoyable. That is because you can communicate with your family and friends by having a free call or texting them. For you whose hobby is capturing pictures, smart-phone does support you by providing your best camera. Even though, you might also use the best night vision apps to get cool photos at night. Well, there are 10 best night vision apps for android and iOS. What are they? Let’s talk about it in this following detail!

10 Best Recommended Night Vision Apps for Android and iOS
When it comes at night, sometimes your carrier phone camera cannot shoot the picture well. You, therefore, need to download the best night vision apps. Let’s check the best night vision camera apps for android which may also suit the iOS below!

1. Night Camera Apps Android/iOS
This first choice looks pretty good. It has special features offered such as 8x zooming. The existence of the color saturation is also useful to edit the photo, to make it looks more adjustable and clearer. That is why it gains popularity as well. Anyway, you enable to download it from Play Store for free.

2. Night Vision Flashlight Android/iOS
Night Vision becomes one of the best night vision apps for iPhone. It offers the users the picture effects including the brightness, color, saturation. You might use it to beautify your photograph. Also, if you walk home at night and do not bring any flashlight, you might use this app since it does also require the flashlight. Just turn on this camera app and watch your way.

3. Night Vision Camera Android/iOS
If you are observing wild animals to know their 24-hours life, you must prepare all the items needed. It includes a camera. However, if you do not have a camera, simply because you are a student, you might use your phone. Download Night Vision Camera on Play Store or Apple Store. Then, go to use it. Night Vision has an important feature like saturation which may be helpful to edit your pictures. There is also green amplification which is useful to record the video in the dark situation. Flashlight and face detection could be useful, too.

4. Night Vision Camera Simulation Android/iOS
This fourth selection might also be the best night vision camera app. It is a little bit different from other apps. That is because it has a feature of Camera rotation which you may use to rotate picture until you find it in a perfect angle. It also offers you 3 different color filters and 3-night filters. It does not only give you green but also blue and red color values. This app is worth since it can capture pictures which the normal camera cannot. For a final result, it provides a wonderful picture and even video recording output.

5. Night Eyes Lite- Night Camera for iOS
What’s the best night vision camera app which will suit the iPhone well? That must be Night Eyes Lite. This app is very amazing because it allows you to take a picture of an object from far since it offers you 10x zoom. The various filters available may make your picture even becomes dramatic. Same as others, even during the minimum or dim light, you could still take a photograph using your smart-phone through this app.

6. Night Vision Light Android/iOS
This app is becoming more and more popular among people. Vixen creates it for both Android and iOS. It is another app which is good for observing living object at night besides night android vision mode. The only difference is that Night Vision Light offers red light color during the observation. You might make it brighter or dimmer, it is up to you. Finally, it is free and could automatically save your pictures or video recording you took.

7. Night Vision Camera Joke Android/iOS
This seventh choice is a prank app. It is not for taking a real photograph just like the others do. It is kind of a game of joke application simulator used to see everything at night using the phone camera. Even though, it offers you varied real effects. Play this entertaining app with your family and friends when you are free.

8. ELRO Color Night Vision IP Cam
ELRO becomes another free night vision app for android. What people like from this app is that it works faster than other apps. You, then, may easily take a running object like a running tiger. Also, it offers you many features like saturation, pictures’ effects, etc. For your information, the compass option is also available in this app. Therefore, whenever you get lost, you might make use of it to show the way.

9. Night Mode Camera Android
Are you talking about the app which offers you a high technology algorithm? That must be the night mode camera! This app allows you to see an object at night and even take a picture of it even at the dim light or at night. The photos and videos will be in green night 1080p vision effect. Along with it, there is varied image processing filters exist to beautify your captured pictures.

10. Night Vision Thermal Camera Android/iOS
Talking about free night vision video camera app for android and iOS, you must think about this last choice. Vision Thermal is not only popular but also useful to take photographs at night without using the torch. It is easy to download and use. You could find it on the Play Store. To use it, click this app, turn left or right to turn on and turn off the Vision Thermal. Vision Thermal Camera supports night vision and thermo vision. It also offers the UV options where you can take a photograph of an item which you can’t see with your bare eyes. Last, this app also offers features like chromatic filters and a flashlight.

The Advantages of Using Best Night Apps
Using the night application, you will get several benefits. What are they? Let’s read the further info below!

1. Easily Capture Photos and Videos at Night
Using your phone, you can still capture pictures at night. However, the result may disappoint you. It will not be clear. You, then, need to download night vision camera apps. There are many choices of night camera apps which you can select. By using the app, you could capture pictures or object at night and even record the video. And how is the result? It is clear and satisfying!
Best Night Vision Apps
2. Matches for Both Android and iPhone
Whether your smart-phone is android or iPhone, you might still use night vision camera app with the same features and effects. The difference is that you need to go to the Play Store to download it if your phone is android. As an iPhone user, you need to go to the Apple Store.

3. Free to Download
All vision night camera applications are free to download. You just need to sign in your android or iOS account. This is because you need it to access Play Store or Apple Store, a place where you will download the app.

4. For Fun
There is also vision camera apps for fun. It’s like a game. Therefore, whenever you feel bored, you could entertain yourself with this app. Have an adventure with your friend by going to the forest to see objects at night. It sounds great, right?

5. Complete Features
The night camera apps offer you complete features such as the pictures effects, filters, rotations, color, etc. There are also some special modes to use to capture walking or running pictures. The existence of extra features such as the flashlight may also be useful.

There are still many kinds of best night vision apps which have not been mentioned above. You could read the info in our other articles


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