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My Clash of Clans Summary

I was brought to the game by way of my primary man Jon Jordan via the Pocket Gamer Podcast one or two months afterwards, after hearing about his love of the video game, and the surprising amount of money however ploughed in to the freemium concept. 

I've been interested in freemium games, and I've sunk more than these fair share of your time in all of them. But once I played Clash of Clans I have become disappointed with the fails common to a large number of freemium world-building titles: discover very little skill or strategy involved in achievements. 

One little step for barbarian person 

To me, http://clashofclans4gems.com represents a fabulous tentative but significant stage towards evolving this, while it's a step that few take the time to discover. See, Clash of Clans asks one to be good at the game and also patient, and for that it deserves recognition. 

Clans asks you to build a commune and populate it with everything the warring group you're contributing might need. Your town corridor for command, a gold mine for money, plenty camp to hold your warriors, a great Elixir enthusiast to gather up this added resource in the ether -- pretty soon get plenty of anatomist work being getting on with. 

Brick by way of brick 

Then you definitely run up against an adversary barricade by cannons and a big large wall, and you're performed for. Your hand-to-hand devices can't tear the wall structure down fast enough, as well as your archers are too busy plundering resources to note that they're staying fired on by cannons. 

So you upgrade your Barracks and after a while you could have Giants and Wall Breakers. Now you can demolish through those self same walls which has a well-placed bomb, and your Leaders are dismantling cannons with no trouble. 

The game forms like this, requesting more and more stylish units, asking you to strategise and really take into consideration which components you should target building as part of your camp. 

Future you'll find that having overwhelming numbers just isn't likely to cut it - you'll need to especially think wherever and when you will deploy soldiers, and how they may interact with the enemy camps. 

Coming home 


The pressure to carry on formulating considerably better defences or maybe more deadly kinds of attack keeps you heading back, and the well-calibrated match-making program ensure beneath the thick grow as well frustrated or maybe bored. 

It's not always a perfect game, of course -- hence the Gold Merit and not the Platinum. Even so the issues happen to be few and far between. 

From time to time, the game will mistake you scrolling around your camp as you looking to move a fabulous building, which may be a pain. And it's really quick start, but usually reset the loading approach whenever you go back to the iPhone's home screen and then leap back in. 

It was never the best-looking game. It's not unpleasant by any means, even so the presentation is isometric 2D and the availablility of frames of animation could have been a little higher.
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